Written On Our Hearts


words written on a hand

It’s not everyday a note is worthy of being written on your hand. I realize some people do this all the time, but for me it has to be something really worth keeping. Pastor Renaldo’s recent visit to us here in Malawi was worthy. He brought encouragement, wisdom, rebuke, and faith. I imagine his words touched each person in a personal way as I know they did me. We needed his visit as a church, and I needed his visit as friend, I know that for sure. It was something special to see the Holy Spirit use this man to not only write words on our hands, but to have words written on our hearts.

pastor renaldo preaching preaching words written on our hearts

Pastor Renaldo teaching in the Bible College

man taking notes on paper pastor renaldo preaching taking notes on hand leaders meeting outside the church

Encouraging the leaders of the church

Richard from the Church in Zimbabwe

Richard from the Church in Zimbabwe

Cedric from the Church in Zimbabwe

Cedric from the Church in Zimbabwe

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