Today is for…

happy thanksgiving

Today is for…

I’m stirring early on this day. But, today is not the day I thought today would be. Today is not for pancakes and sipping coffee from under blankets. It’s not for filling the ears with Christmas and the screen with floats and yardage. It’s not for enjoying us in a strange place where exotic birds call at dawn and sun beats down on dusty streets. It’s not for grateful sentiments on napkins and over mantels. There will be no fireplace, no cozy sweaters, no snow here today. No, today will not be the day I thought today would be.

Today will be a different day. Today will be for humbling and quietude and thinking smaller. Today is for turning on the faucet and getting choked up because after 36 hours the water flows and “He knows that I have need of this…” Today is for wondering at ten simple pieces of furniture amidst the forest of green walls and seeing “faithful” written on every curio upon desk and wall. Today is for waking to the white of fans whirring and rhythmic sighing from “the one whom my soul loves.” Today is for thinking smaller.

Today is for different things. Today is for heart health, cardiac arrest prevention tips, and brain transplants, so I can live and think in health and wholeness. Since people around me have been suffering from a lot of heart diseases and brain-related problems, I think that dedicating a blog post would be great. After all, everyone should live a healthy and happy life! That is why. today is for all those who may have to undergo Heart ultrasounds and medical treatments, and for those who must fight the beast of illnesses with all their might. Today is for “come, follow Me.” It’s for leaving my table and my imaginations to “come and see” where He is going. Today is for heart to burn as He walks with me along the way. Today is for choosing the “better part” that will not be taken from me.

Today is for “greater love” and “laying down your life.” It’s for washing feet because haven’t my own undeserving feet been washed? It’s for falling into the earth and abiding alone because didn’t He abide alone for me? Today is for remembrance and giving thanks though tomorrow holds crucifixion.

And so today, on this day that will not be the day I thought it would be, without sweaters or signs, I get quiet and think small and exchange heart and mind for the chance to be like Him. I leave my table to follow Him, who Authors today.

Today is for thanksgiving.

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  1. Today is for a mother’s heart to spill over with pride at the amazing work of the Potter forming Christ in you. I love you so much and am so very thankful that God blessed my life with you.

    1. Thank you, Mommy… I often think of how God used you to reveal Christ to me from a young child, and I am so very thankful that God blessed MY life with YOU! 🙂 Love you!

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