The Summer


We got to spend four months in the States this summer. Lisa and I both worked, which was a small miracle. Lisa was at University of Maryland, and the church needed IT help and I was in the right place at the right time to grab the job. It was great fun to work with Paul and Sebastien again; God used the time to richly bless me, and I’m grateful for that.

A larger miracle was that we survived another year in the chicken booth with Paul Nye at the Baltimore Church convention. Imagine being in a food truck for seven straight fourteen hour days. That was our week. One of the best parts of the booth was seeing people come and help us right when we needed it.

We went to four weddings and my brother-in-law’s trooper graduation. My sister-in-law had a baby. We visited eight different states including California and Florida thanks to some amazing friends. We visited two churches, Silver Spring, MD and Norwood, MA, and were treated like royalty in both. I got to watch football in the garage. We even squeezed in a little “Thanksgiving” dinner with the family.

I guess the thing I’m trying to say is that God made up for anything we might have missed while we were here in Malawi last year. 

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  1. In God’s plan, hard work is enjoyable, edifying, and maybe a little tiring… but certainly fun though. It was our treat to have you guys and others like Pirgi back in Baltimore for the summer and to see how God has blessed you. Go team Malawi!

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