Sometimes When Days are Just Ordinary Days

I walked into town today to buy a Christmas present for my Secret Santa person. I had seen a really fun personalized gifts idea online but, given that it was already Christmas Eve, there was no way it was going to reach me in time (still, I could always get something personalised for next year’s Secret Santa, if I can get organised!). Apparently, people here in Malawi get into the spirit of the season, too. They manage to converge on the town shopping center all at once. Being on foot was an advantage for once. Anyone in a car was just being punished. It was very hot, and the traffic wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The two main grocery stores were jam-packed with people, most not buying much, but maybe a little something special for a Christmas Day meal. This is the first time I have witnessed Christmas outside of the United States, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. It’s not that different in the States, with people flocking to the stores to buy product after product as gifts for their loved ones, be it shiny, dainty jewelry or home appliances, books to gadgets, and more. A lot of last-minute shopping happens there, too!

However, there are a few who plan their entire gift-buying schedule. They are not only known to save money for making purchases, but also happen to go through gift guides to know what should be given to people of different age groups. For instance, I have heard of people who tend to check out to read through the expert opinion of the writer, Gavin Wallace. A friend of mine recently told me that he did the same. He also suggested I check out the blogs of the above-mentioned site where Gavin Wallace has talked about different types of gifts for children, especially batman toys. According to the writer, “This list includes a variety of wonderful products which are suitable for all ages, with our choices ranging from toys to clothing.” Honestly, I was impressed by this! But I was already late in buying gifts. Hence, I thought that I would do this the next time!

Nevertheless, if you aren’t late like me, you can still order online. But what if this isn’t Christmas yet when you are reading my blog and you might be here for some personalized gift ideas for your loved ones. In that case, I can help you! If your close ones are shifting to a new house or maybe planning a renovation, you could buy canvas wall art UK (if you are based in the UK, of course!) and can contribute your part to their home decor. For occasions like birthdays or valentine’s day, you can also order customized presents like photo mugs, photo collages, etc. You can choose any of the varied options depending on the event.

Coming back to my story of shopping gifts offline, I stopped on the way and talked to a British friend Pastor Chris and I met sometime back while watching an old episode of “Walker Texas Ranger” at a local restaurant. Quickly we were talking about Cuba and the recent news. I found out he had been in Cuba in the sixties and had at one point even been at a cocktail party with Raul Castro; small world. It was too hot in Cuba so somehow he ended up here in Malawi. He likes the weather here, but I’ll have to find out more next time.

I stopped by the post office where we meet three days a week for evangelism. Just next to the post office parking lot, the local vendors sell wood carvings. Three or four of the men selling there come to our church, so I stopped to say hi and wish a Merry Christmas. These men oftentimes spend ten hours a day on this corner, with never a complaint. They’re truly content and thankful men; it’s amazing to see.

I got to the shop I was heading to just in time. The gift I needed was in the only shop in the entire country closing early on Christmas Eve. Despite that, I found the item I was looking for and was on my way.

I couldn’t help but think what an utterly ordinary day this was. No significant thing happened. I’m sure somewhere some motivational speaker is speaking loudly, saying, “make every moment count, live life to the fullest, make an impact!” Somewhere else some guy is flexing in the mirror getting ready to destroy his day with the power of positive energy. Unfortunately, I just don’t do a lot of flexing these days. As I walked home I got to thinking, maybe this, today, was really what missions is. Can it be listening to an old man tell stories of his adventures in Cuba? Can it be sitting down for ten minutes with some guys and having a laugh, talking about whatever? It certainly can’t be whole heartedly participating in Secret Santa. Right? The thing is I think it is.

I wonder, was the day after Jesus walked on water an ordinary day? Some days rise to a special level. If you or I ever walk on water that would be a great day; otherwise, it’s a wedding day, the day a child is born, or even the day a loved one is lost. These would be special days. Mostly, though, are lives are filled with ordinary ones. In the end, the things we do on ordinary days will most likely amount to a whole lot more than we could ever imagine.

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  1. “He’s there on the mountaintop; He’s there in the every day and the mundane; He’s there in the sorrow and in the dancing; Great grace, oh such grace”
    – Matt Redmann, “You Grace Finds Me”.
    Thanks for sharing your your faith thoughts, as you continue going forward for Christ, being both the Lords freed people and also His “servants of all”, and you bless others because you are deep with God by gods grace through faith. Thanks for your encouraging and edifying example. Love you guys,
    Dan Eaton

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