Merry Christmas


This Christmas we have so much to be thankful for. The halls of our little green apartment are festively decked, but mostly this season we have been awakening to the reality of Emmanuel, God with us. He has made Himself known in the littlest of things, and in the things that seem too big, even for Him. We have sensed Him with us in our messy life, caring about it, and pouring out His grace and faithfulness over and over again. Being a missionary isn’t anything glamorous or profound, but we are finding it to be a gift, sometimes wrapped in less than appealing packaging, that is enriching us in ways we never imagined.

Thank you so very much for your prayers, love, and support, and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Dearest Lisa & Matt,

    Today, on Christmas Eve, we missed you. We gathered to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, with candles on the chocolate berry trifle and a chorus or two of “Happy Birthday, Jesus.” Eden was so excited to blow out the candles and open her gifts. She loved Noah’s Ark and all opening of gifts paused for awhile as she explored it and lined up the animals two-by-two. Seb recorded some of it, so hopefully you’ll see it.

    It warms my heart every time I read these posts because the work of the Holy Spirit in your lives comes through with such beauty. Christ in us, Christ with us, and Christ for us, is truly an unspeakable gift.

    Lisa, your handicrafts are amazing!

    With Much Love & Warmest Wishes for a Christmas Merry & Bright,

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