Daring to Go

It’s more like…daring not to stay

My new favorite adventure quote is “As soon as I saw I you, I knew this was going to be an adventure!”  That was Winnie the Pooh and it reminds me of my wife.

To go is the easy part.  It’s an adventure!  Who doesn’t love a good adventure?  If the adventure could start with a map and a tack and a flight, I would be all in, but nothing this good comes that easy.  We find God in the process, so why avoid it?  He meets us there.  This is the adventure of getting to know God, and letting Him get to know us.

What we leave behind

Leaving is the part I struggle with most.  Of course, there are truly good things we leave behind, friends and family, a house, a job I love, great food and so on.  We also leave our security.  We leave the comfortable.  Leaving the familiar and stepping into the unknown is ludicrous.  Leaving the certainty of our daily routine.  Going from helpful to helpless over night. No one wants that.  How often are some of these things taking the place of God in our daily lives?

The greatest part and the hardest part of all this are one in the same: surrendering our lives fully to Christ.  Our burdens and our cares placed solely on Him.  Our provision and our deliverance a prayer away.  A new way of living.

Does it really matter where you are?

Human beings manage to find comfort in less than ideal places.  I’ve seen the poorest of living, and more recently, some of the wealthiest of living.  The amazing thing is they have something in common. They serve to meet the basic needs of man: food and shelter.  When you’re asleep, you don’t know where you are, and when you’re full, your belly doesn’t know what filled it.  The thing is, neither place takes much care for your soul.

Missions is a mystery to me, but I suppose it’s just like living here. It has to start with surrender. Pastor Schaller said before we left, “Missions is simply making friends.”  Im glad that’s all it is.

So, I’ll finish with another quote by Winnie The Pooh, “Let’s begin by taking a smallish nap or two.”



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