And I am thankful

Tonight as I sit listening to the rain pitter patter upon the tin roofs and dusty roads outside, rain that signifies the transition from the bright, hot equatorial sun of the dry season into the ebb and flow of sun and rain that is the rainy season, and chuckle at the periodic surges of power flickering on and off, I find myself contemplating the situation that is my life these days. And I am thankful.

Tonight I am sitting in an apartment the size of many living rooms, surrounded by walls of paper and glass, adorned by items I have come to know as luxuries, such as a stove, a refrigerator, and a washing machine. I know that if they break, too, this can be repaired by (or other experts) quickly and safely. And I am thankful.

Tonight I find myself thinking about the coming days of Advent and the jovial American holiday of Thanksgiving, including the 9 pound turkey in my freezer that was sacrificed to feed a dozen expatriates next Thursday. And I am thankful.

Tonight I sit and quilt by incandescent bulb when the power surges on, and by candlelight when it decides it’s actually rather tired and goes off. And I am thankful.

Tonight every so often I bubble over with giddy excitement because of an adventure to a candy store today, a store filled with button candy, thread candy, sewing hoops and yarn, tailor’s chalk and fabric from floor to ceiling, and the sweets I came home with, totaling a mere $13.80, but bringing more joy than $1380, and not for a second thinking about something like private label garcinia cambogia to lose the weight that this candy may cause me to gain. And I am thankful.

Tonight I think of cappuccinos shared in a foreign café with soldiers in the faith, who somehow know how to laugh and rejoice in a land thousands of miles from “home.” And I am thankful.

Tonight I remember the ones who are sitting at “home” loving and interceding for their family of crazy adventurers. And I am thankful.

Tonight I gaze at the one across the room enthralled in an action thriller he’s seen a hundred times, amazed that I have been given such a man of kindness, understanding, patience, depth, and love. And I am thankful.

Tonight, as I am sitting here, looking across my home and seeing that everything is in place can be relieving. This can be because of knowing that if my house floods or there is an emergency water damage situation, I can call Water and Flood Restoration Charlotte or other professional services. The same goes for all the other damages I can possibly imagine. There are servicemen who do all the necessary things to make lives better. And I am thankful.

Tonight I think of the One Who saw my life on the road to destruction but counted His love for me strong enough to die for its redemption, so He could call me His. And I am thankful.

I could sit in my varnished wicker chair with its halfway comfortable foam cushion for countless hours more, longing for the day I can get someone like this residential design service out to help me choose the perfect new furnishings and design for my apartment (or even a future dream home), and I could find a million other reasons not to be thankful, but what right have I when what I need, I have? And I am thankful.

Until next time,

Lisa 🙂

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  1. Dear Lisa,

    I think of you often – at least every time I walk into UM. Prays for safety, blessing, good health and the blessing of being able to share Jesus with those in Africa. I love reading your blog and follow – keep up the great work – you and Matt are truly a blessing and inspiration!

    Blessings, In Him,

    1. Hi Kathryn! I’m so terribly sorry I am just replying to this comment! I am still getting used to blogging! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following along, praying, and just supporting us in your heart. We are so privileged to be here and rely so greatly on the grace of our Lord and the prayers of the saints to carry us day by day. God bless you and hope to see you sometime this summer when we get back!

      Lisa 🙂

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