About Matt & Lisa Sliva


Hello From Malawi

We are Matt and Lisa Sliva, followers of Jesus Christ, Bible believers, and, by God’s grace, self-supported missionaries living in Malawi, Southern Central Africa. Our vision is to grow in our personal lives and to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Malawi in that process.

Being one of the poorest countries in Africa, adjusting to life in Malawi is a learning curve. The pace of life is slower and the lifestyle is simpler. Basic comforts of first world living like running water and electricity are considered luxuries by most. But, the resilient people who inhabit this materially impoverished country are rich in hospitality and generous with their time. Above all, their openness to Christ and the Bible are almost child-like, which makes for incredibly fertile ground for missions. 

We are honored to serve in the church, Bible college, and at various outreaches in the city, including a Bible club program at a local public elementary school. I lead a young men’s discipleship meeting over fried chicken at a local restaurant nearly every week, and Lisa and the other ladies on the team are involved in organizing monthly ladies’ Bible studies where they drink tea, eat banana bread, and fellowship around the Word of God.

It so encouraging to see the people in our church growing in their faith, serving in the church, and carrying on the vision of sharing their love of Christ with others. We are looking forward to seeing how God will continue to move in our midst. 

Thank you for your prayers and continued support. Please check back for new Posts and Pictures from our adventures in Africa!

matt and lisa